Recording ‘Freedom From the Known’ is almost complete

We tracked 11 tuned with Steven Albini (Nirvana, Weedeater, Mudhoney) this summer and have since been laying down vocals and mixing. Our weeks have been about random gigs, making a music video in HD, as well as building a new studio in Bushwick Brooklyn.

I must say the scene here in NY is somewhat beguiling. We know our music is good, and warrants peoples attention. However, in NYC – if you don’t have a crazy thick beard and listen to only Pentagram and prog metal, or type o negative – seems you just can’t run with the big dogs!

We are the big dogs who don’t give a shit about anything accept making passionate music, videos and perform to the best of our aging abilities. I’m still amazed bands that get signed get  put on these free shows around NY, band I never heard of but are young as fuck.

We played a show yesterday — I was leaving when some asshole shouts – ‘Hey! THINNING THE HERD’. Naturally I thought it was someone wanting to say thanks for playing so far from home, instead it was some Jersy guido dude wanting me to move the drums. I told him they aint mine and Ill call my drummer. He says to me, he says, he says, ‘ You move em’ I don’t know what your drummer looks like’.

We just played for .5 hr and he don’t know what my drummer looks like? I am getting tired of this small venue garbage pail kid loser mentality. We deserve a rider. 6 years into this, and still get the shit end of the stick.

-Gavin (Sick of it All) Spielman

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