December rambling

Been busy reorganizing thoughts, rooms, genres and beard growth over the last few months. We have not been able to get into the studio to track, though we do have several HUNDRED songs you have not yet ‘HERD’. We have been holding back for a good reason. The market is flooded with similar ‘doom’ related projects, and this makes TTH want to write differently.

Not at all interested in influencing or buddying up with stubbly D+D dudes that do similar kinds of music. Dropping D, ONE FINGER BARRE CHORDS, growling ugly ass dudes with mouths agape – akin to exotic stars waiting on a payoff. Looks good on youporn, but the reality is – it is most anti art/ mass depression/ego laden regurgitated mid life crisis energy – the nail in the heavy metal coffin – and not so wonderfully sonic. Sure, I LOVE PINK FLOYD – but shit man, never would I ever pretend my band is as cool as the 1972 Pompeii pioneers. Leave that shit alone brothers and sisters.

We thrive on art, which means creating new things. The same old thing has been done, and will be done – and by 10 year old Korean girls – well! Probobly better than I do – so in that case BACK TO BLUES MUSIC for this songwriter. Thanks for your interest – and also – thanks to those not having an interest….it keeps me writing, and secures my plight – knowing I am on the right path. I love you all, kinda.


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