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I would love for some kind of unity between individuals in this NY music area, making music, etc. Even if your band tours, or makes records, or you make your money elsewhere – no need to call people out as a hobbyist, or poser, or whatever. It’s all the same energy. It is wanting to be liked, make connections between people (individual. not to be divided). Wanting to progress sound and energy through positive work. I’m writing this because I found a lot of hate within the annals of making music – contention and fear – people putting negativity where it need not exist. Labeling. Taking occultist ideals and setting them forth as original.

I have been a follower of Anton Levay since 1983, and never cared to put imagery like this out there until now. It bothers me not to be included in the cronyism, but ads to the mystique and honesty of my writing.

Take for instance this Brooklyn ‘Doom’ thing that is happen(ed)ing – I found myself talking with, hanging with and exchanging pleasantries with a lot of the (now broken up) bands — would they play a show with us? Never. I recall one time playing a show with a local trio – and dude from other band asks my bassist to go on tour after seeing us. I even filmed said band, and put their video on Youtube the same day. Shit like this, man.

My day to day is filled with writing music — fueled by graphic novels, audio books, metal and art, all with money made through art sales. Never have I worked a job, and other than being a pretentious white metal head, I am not so bad to hang with. Still – if your back-patch is not perfect, you don’t have tattoos ,a righteous band and beard – or shit, you are married with a kid – it is a lonely road filled with posing, flakes, writing alone daily and the production!

There is nothing wrong with writing and releasing music without fucking over people, or having to be in a ‘band’ where nobody is a true friend.

This is why I am not playing anymore shows until I have some integrity in partnership, true friends with integrity and a strong malleable work ethic to follow a shared dream consistently.


-Gavin TTH Oct 2015
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