Philosophy of TTH part 1

We believe in the nature of totality (BRahma) and try to create music from a place of sincere recognition using universal cosmic laws of empathy, compassion and physiological relation. We do not write music to fit a GENRE. We produce what we feel, and never to fit into social norms of what is ‘cool’. If you judge our music to be DOOM or METAL or ALT. etc., that judgment is a limitation of what we are doing – and you are trying to organize AIR, DIRT, EARTH, WATER. WE are driven by COUNTRY, CLASSICAL, ROOTS ROCK, JAZZ, ROOTS REGGAE, BRITISH INVASION.

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Thinning the Herd Music Update

We have been busy figuring out the order and tempos – compositions are already complete and we are just tweaking what we already know. We might even have an acoustic song on the next record, for I Need Sleep.

The progress is slow and exciting, the process is something familiar but easier this time around. We are hitting the road to record with Steve Albini this month — and will stop along the way to do a few impromptu gigs.

Big up to Jennifer ‘Jenncity’ Arroyo for getting on BIG BROTHER. She has been a supporter of our band for many years — always plays our tunes when DJ’in – and is an all around badass chick! We wish her mad luck and know she will win that whole deal.

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Pigs shut down TTH’s set on Thursday June 21. Summer solstice. We got through BUILDING UNDER ICE and  DR. REED before they pulled the plug.

Same week Gavin got a NO SEATBELT ticket WHILE WEARING A FUCKING SEATBELT. Same week a BUILDING AUTHORITY bangs on ELECTRIC GAVINLAND STUDIOS so see whats going on in there while elicit smells permeated the air.


We are not free to rock. We are free to do things within the confines of the law. This sucks. I do not enjoy this kind of paradigm, as I work daily to enlighten and uplift my experiences here on earth.

As NWA said a while back, when I had pimples and wore a denim sleeveless over a leather MC – F*&% THE POLICE!


Photo by Max Sequiera

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Listening to Oceans Rise at the office this morning. I have to say it again, what a great fucking record. Definitely looking forward to some new stuff.

-John Conley


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Hello People!

Whoever is reading this – we would like to thank you for your choice in surrendering your valuable time to engage in our realm of the creative sphere. Thinning the Herd consists of three full time musicians with little choice but to make music for little monetary gain. Luckily we all have a support system and work constantly, Rick does a lot of booking bands and working the bar at different clubs here in NYC, while Wes is a waiter and does a lot of engineering and producing of bands he knows from back home, in Nashville, Tenn. I (Gavin) work at a college teaching people how to draw and paint, as well as manage and produce TTH – and take care of my daughter, and wife.

We are blessed to engage you all in the finest blues music we can deliver. Some of you think our music is heavy metal, it is not metal. We are heavy, yeah — but heavy in the way Mountain or James Brown was heavy. We dig heavy music, but do not include ourselves in the ranks of the metal world at all. Metal has become GLAM. Doom has become GLAM. It is all rotten, the best thing is to be true to self and produce what you like.

We don’t like hair metal, glam or poser shit. We write from the heart, with John Lee Hooker, Al Green, Cro Mags, SLayer, Crumbsucker, DRI, AC/DC, Cream etc. all mixed in our collective subconscious. We don’t try to be dark and heavy. We like classical and country music and enjoy spiritual balance. If we hear something heavy, we will listen and usually  like it. If it sounds like Mastodon, chances are we will not enjoy it – unless we know the people in the band. We think metal is out of control, and too many derivatives of Black metal permeate the essence of what was once cool.

That said — I will  write here from time to time – because I love to write. If you read this — message us on Facebook and we will shout you out.

– Gavin

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Shows coming up

June 12 – RBAR NYC

June 22 – Under the BQE Parking Lot

July 30 – Aug 5 Tour

August 24th – Mercury Lounge

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What kind of music do you play?

We have been generating music for a long time, and it has come up from time to time what genre exactly is Thinning the Herd. Truth – TTH is a rock band. We do not try to be specific or true to any genre beside the one the Beatles, Link Wray, The ROlling Stones, Sabbath, AC/DC or Hendrix chose. We are open to change and love influence, but skirt contemporary movements such as ‘Doom’. Coming from New York, one of us is native born – and has seen the movement develop. A lot of the bands that are popular around the bars here in Brooklyn and NYC are indeed hipster cats with beards and Celtic Frost shirts. You will not see TTh wearing such gear. There will never be a denim vest with patches on our backs, nor any congruent look of 14 year old angst now 40 yr old sad man.

We love Sabbath but do not try to play their music, unless we cover a song. The best we can do it come up with a feeling. This feeling for us is of headphones, a bike and a park – smoking marijuana and feeling the air around  as you listen to Masters of Reality for the first time. Not giving a shit about pimples, school or time — just floating within the world of feeling fine. We love life and are eager to experience it with you through our music.

Please trust in good vibes.

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Hey Everyone in Internet land!

Tonight Thinning Dad Herd played a show in support of DELI MAGAZINE’s best of list at SPIKE HILL in BROOKLYN – we made it on there. It was a good show. Gavin didn’t kill anything with his guitar as he did here: BLOODFIRE LIVE AT CONEY ISLAND — skip to 2:56 if you want to see damage.

Guess we are the best at somethings, just not manners.

Gavin is working on THINNING THE HERD COMIX.

We are recording in Aug with STEVE ALBINI regardless of our KICKSTARTER page.  We are psyched to record with that guy – as he does live sound best of all thats out there, in our opinion. The record is now being called FREEDOM FROMT HE KNOWN after a Krishnamurti book Gavin was into in high school. It will have a painting on the cover of DARWIN.

For people who don’t know. DARWIN came up with the theory of EVOLUTION. Which cancelled out a lot of the BIBLE’S magical tales of people being cut from stone…and such the term THINNING THE HERD was coined, which means the selective process in which species are eliminated through time.


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Tonight at The Grand Vic in Brooklyn!

We are playing with the Illinois based Hardcore band WHUT? tonight! We are psyched, as these guys put on an energetic hardcore show!

Tonight will rock!

And so the days progress, we are involved in making music and performing a lot lately. Last weekend found us out in Coney Island where we played a set with incongruous bands. Just because you play with distortion don’t make it right for the bill. Gavin got pissed with the sound man and tried to kill the microphone, but instead fucked up his guitar.

Thinning the Herd have begun to select shows we feel are right for our fans, and will do our best to bring our music to you. Please feel free to comment on our page and spread the music!

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Cool letter from fan!

YOU GUYS FUCKING RULE , its was worth the wait , got the package today, thank you so much for everything, blastin oceans rise right now my two year old son gage is headbangin i am teaching him the ways ,i will do my best to get to chicago thanks again really apreciate it

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